Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative

A Social Enterprise Fund for Workforce and Middle Income Housing

Impact-first financing can meet demand for new affordable housing capital solutions.

A pooled statewide fund can deliver catalytic capital to developers and risk-adjusted returns to our partners, while putting affordability first.

Preserving two low-income properties in Grand Junction

Learn about our Tenant Equity Vehicle (TEV)

The Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative (CHAI) speeds delivery of mission-driven capital to affordable housing projects across Colorado.

CHAI offers two strategies – debt and equity – to fill affordable housing funding gaps while delivering risk-adjusted returns to our mission-aligned capital partners.

Our Approach

Pooling mission-driven capital for ‘missing middle’ housing across Colorado

Advantages for Developers

Flexible, below-market financing (both debt and equity) to fill funding gaps quickly and enable developers to accelerate projects

Advantages for Tennants

CHAI offers an innovative Tenant Equity Vehicle (TEV) Program to help residents build wealth, and move towards financial well-being

Our Partners

The Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative is grateful to the regional foundations and public sector partners whose capital commitments enable our mission.

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