NOVEMBER 2022. The Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative (CHAI), the housing investment practice of Weave Social Finance, is pleased to announce its 2023 Investment Committee members. These individuals collectively bring expertise from the public, private, and non-profit sectors and represent diverse parts of the real estate and impact investment industries:

CHAI Debt Fund Investment Committee Members

  • Justin Chen, SVP of Lending and Capital, San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund
  • Anthea Martin, SVP, Affordable Housing & FHA Lending, Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital
  • Jonathan Smith, Housing Developer, Bellwether Housing

CHAI Equity Fund Investment Committee Members

  • Kermit Billups, Executive Vice President, Greenline Ventures
  • Jim Hahn, Principal, Verde Capital LLC 
  • Stephanie Wilson, Co-Founder, Compassionate Capital

Strategic Advisors to the CHAI Funds 

In addition, the CHAI debt and equity funds also have partnered with the following strategic advisors, who provide dedicated technical and subject-matter expertise:

  • Ryan Jones, President, RCH Housing Consulting
  • Marion Chebet, Senior Portfolio Advisor & Director of Impact Investing, Johnson Financial Group



Weave Social Finance, LLC, specializes in facilitating “triple bottom line” impact investments in affordable housing and early-stage businesses. Weave was founded in Denver in 2012 and is the sponsor and investment manager of the Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative. Learn more about Weave at


The Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative is the housing investment practice of Weave Social Finance, LLC. CHAI is an impact-first social enterprise that pools mission-driven capital and deploys it to middle-income housing projects in Colorado through both debt and equity funding. Beginning in 2020, Weave Social Finance incubated the CHAI program as part of its regional impact investment strategy.
Learn more about CHAI at