Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative

Many Coloradans cannot afford to live where they work.

Housing costs have outpaced income growth statewide by more than 20% in the last decade.

Conventional financing resources for affordable housing are insufficient.

Government subsidizes housing that addresses homelessness and very low-income households, and private markets invest in new, luxury housing and upgrades to existing affordable assets that make them more expensive.

Impact-first financing can meet demand for new affordable housing capital solutions.

A pooled statewide fund can deliver catalytic capital to developers and risk-adjusted returns to our partners, while putting affordability first.

Introducing Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative

Impact-First Capital for Affordable Housing

Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative (CHAI) was founded in 2021 to simplify and scale the delivery of mission-driven capital to affordable housing projects.

CHAI offers two strategies – debt and equity – geared toward filling affordable housing funding gaps and delivering risk-adjusted returns to mission-aligned partners.

Advantages for Developers

CHAI offers both debt and equity for affordable housing projects across Colorado. We fund acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation for a diverse range of affordable housing project types, and we work with both nonprofit and for-profit developers who are committed to providing quality housing to lower and middle-income. Contact us to learn more about accessing our capital solutions.

Our Model

CHAI blends together fixed-rate notes and equity from philanthropic, public sector, and private impact investment sources. We use these pooled resources to deploy debt and equity to partners developing high-impact affordable housing projects across Colorado in communities where it is needed most.

About Us

Weave Social Finance, LLC is the Sponsor and Investment Manager of the Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative. Weave specializes in facilitating “triple bottom line” impact investments in affordable housing and early stage businesses. Learn more here.

Abby Murray

Co-Founder, Lending Investment Operations

Abby manages capital deployment strategy and operations for CHAI, building on her experience in anti-displacement lending and community investment with CDFIs. Abby has a BA from Amherst College and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Ed Briscoe

Co-Founder, Capital Management & Impact Strategy

Ed manages capital raising and execution of CHAI’s impact-first strategy. He specializes in structuring impact investments in affordable housing and pooling capital sources for impact. Ed holds a BS in business administration from Samford University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Nicole Carner

Finance Operations

Nicole has 15 years of experience as a COO and CFO for high growth start-ups. She has a proven record of success in scaling these organizations, driving business results while building strong team relationships. Her biggest work passion remains supporting entrepreneurs who are in the impact space, solving big problems with meaningful outcomes for our community. Nicole is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, where she majored in Business, followed later by California State University Sacramento, earning an MBA.

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