Tenant Equity Vehicle

A Shared Prosperity Model

We are a social enterprise committed to supporting the financial well-being of residents in our Portfolio Properties.

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The Wealth-Building Challenge That Renters Face

Renters as a whole have significantly less wealth than property owners, and the disparity grows for lower income renters (who are also disproportionately BIPOC households). As of 2021:


  • The median total wealth of homeowners was $98,500, approximately 15x that of the typical renter. [1]
  • White families had on average 2.5x the savings of Black or
    Latinx families.
  • Fewer than half of Black households (44 percent) and Latinx households (49 percent) owned a home, compared with 74 percent of white households. [3]
  • More than a third (35 percent) of Americans could not handle an unexpected $400 emergency expense. [4]

“Tenant Equity” as a Part of the Solution

We offer a “Tenant Equity Vehicle” Program to support residents of select Portfolio Properties. The purpose of the TEV Program is:

  • Provide residents of  portfolio properties with the opportunity to share in the profits generated by their housing (see The Path to Financial Well-being);

  • Address wealth disparities & advance equity for renters and low- and moderate income households;

  • Increase financial resilience and support tenants’ path to financial well-being & homeownership; and

  • Demonstrate a model of shared prosperity in real estate investment.


The Path to Financial Well-being

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